Shelfsquad was started by 3 young men who needed a solution. A solution to what you might ask? All 3 of us wanted to cook delicious meals that are flavorsome and unique, whilst at the same time avoiding the hassle of going to the shops to purchase the ingredients for these meals. We decided to develop Cookbox, our meal kit offering.

What makes Cookbox unique? Well, unlike many other meal kit services out there, we have a 2 day delivery time and we have a huge variety of diets and meals to choose from, yes even Vegan and Vegetarian meals. We are also very affordable, so we made sure there is enough space in your budget for a Cookbox meal kit or two each month.

We have various amazingly delicious snacks ranging from honey to nuts, perfect for when you want to snack on something. And lastly, we plan on adding a variety of epic kitchen gadgets and kitchenware so that you can feel even more like a professional chef!

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