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Interview with John Thompson: Designer Water

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We love individuals that are inspiring and optimistic about the future. And this next guest is such a person indeed. We were honored to interview John Thompson, the founder of Designer Water, to ask him a few questions about his amazing brand and product.

Designer Water founder John Thompson
John Thompson, founder of Designer Water

Tell us more about your brand and your product? Where does the name Designer Water come from?

John: Well with regards to the name, it was one of those cases where my friends and family members were looking for domain names and what was available at the time. So the name itself pretty much explains our product-it is the perfectly designed water for human beings, thus the name Designer Water.

The reason that I say it is the perfectly designed water for human beings is because of the antioxidant potential and the amazing hydration properties that our alkaline ionized water has. Also, if you look at some of the testimonials that some of our customers get from consuming the product, you will see that it is really separated from any other water brand out there.

What is the difference between Designer Water Ionized Water and other alkaline water products?

Well, the most remarkable difference between plain alkaline water and ionized alkaline water is the quality of the water itself. So with plain alkaline water, it’s usually just alkaline and the health benefits are not the same as compared to alkaline ionized water. Whereas alkaline ionized water is rich in anti-oxidants and it reduces damage caused by free radicals. Alkaline ionized water is up to 99.995% pure with only essential trace elements.

With regards to the filtration machines that you sell, do these machines provide the same level of alkalinity as the water that one would be able to purchase from Designer Water directly?

John: The short answer is no, it does not provide the same level of alkalinity. If you look at the technology that is in our production facility, to replicate the entire process, it would cost around about half a million rand plus. And that is the technology that goes into the production of every single liter. So, in terms of quality and what you get out of every single bottle, its at a whole other level because of the amount of investment that has gone into getting the product at the production facility to this level.

How did you come up with the idea?

John: I was introduced to the product by Tony Robbins when I was at one of his events. He was talking about alkaline diets and the benefits associated with alkaline products. I thought to myself well why don’t I try to develop an alkaline ionized water product. And that is what I set off to do and before I knew it, I quit my job and started the business out of my garage.

What are your goals for the brand and the company?

John: The primary goal that I am personally aiming for with Designer Water is summarized as “10-10-3-2-5.” And what that entails is to help 10,000 people generate R10,000 per month within the next 3 to 5 years. We plan on doing this through educating people with our Rapid Success Accelerator and Waterpreneur program. The Rapid Success Accelerator educates individuals on how to create a sales pitch, how to do marketing, how to handle rejection and various other key business skills.

John Thompson and his team at Designer Water
John Thompson and the Designer Water staff

What advice can you give someone looking to start their own business?

John:  I think that when it comes to starting a business, you have to solve a problem. You either have to find a problem and solve it with your product or you have to create a product and then you have to figure out how you can use it to solve problems. The thing is most people want to get into business because they want to make money, and the reality is that starting a business is super difficult and most businesses fail, so one has to really look at solving a problem. Find problems and then work on solving them.

As much as people complain about South Africa and about all the things that are not working, it is also an excellent place for entrepreneurs to actually go out and create new opportunities, because we have so many issues. For example, car guards right, that’s a South African thing due to the high levels of crime that we have and for some people its a pretty good business. It’s all about finding the gap in the market or creating a gap in the market with a superior product.

Do you have any plans to expand into other products or different types of water?

John: Uum, yes and no. I think the thing is you have to focus really well on your core product. Most people are so unfocused and they are desperately trying to scramble for money by doing a lot of things all across the board. And this usually ends up being a waste of time and money. So in terms of flavoured water or any other types of water, we would absolutely look into it if we can provide a product that has all the same types of health benefits as our current range, but currently we are focused on building our business with our current range of products.

Describe your company in one word.

John: Amazing! Look I really believe it is amazing and I don’t think the people working at our organization realize the impact that we have on people’s lives.

We would like to thank John Thompson and the amazing staff at Designer Water for their time. You can get 20% discount on any Designer Water product if you use the coupon code 20DW when purchasing any Designer Water product.

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